Who We Are?..


Our company was established in May 2014. We have provide service for mainly two different product Roller shutter and automatic roller shutter. Barut Roller Shutter organized improve own product portfolio and team since established. Barut Roller Shutter had hard work in comprehensive major projects and  the retail sector,  it was be very efective in this process with different partnership and different corparations.

We provide services in global country like Georgia, Libya, Iraq, Azerbaijan, Romania, Saudi Arabia, Qatar etc.

Retail sector

Over 10,000 application points, small and medium-sized institution

Construction and architecture sector

Hundreds of different brand applications offered to companies that make design and application to corporate brands and firms

Public institutions

Our strategic and critical points of application within the state, including its subsidiaries


Turkish companies abroad and solution partnerships of companies in 13 countries

Dealer network

Construction in almost all cities, especially Istanbul


Maintaining dynamic structure from the beginning and uninterrupted service adequacy